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Each year Mendocino County Sheriff's Search and Rescue receives numerous inquiries from men and women interested in joining us, but wish to know more about the organization. Here is a brief run-down of what we do, and what is required of our members.

Search and Rescue (SAR) is an unpaid, all-volunteer, non-profit corporation that currently has members throughout Mendocino County, California. Our mission is summed up by our name; we perform SEARCH and RESCUE operations whenever and wherever we are called upon by the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office. SAR provides a pool of trained volunteers, equipment, and needed funds to conduct search operations.

We draw all of our resources from our local community of volunteers who acquire the skills required, and the determination needed to make a difference. SAR meets once a month on the fourth Wednesday in Ukiah, and the first Tuesday in Fort Bragg, both at 7:00 p.m. Our meetings are open to the public, so stop on by!

SAR operations are involved in many areas such as: Horse Posse, Four-wheel Drive, ATV, Boat Patrol, Air Squadron, Underwater Search and Recovery, and Special Forces. As a SAR member, you will be assigned to one of these areas according to your particular interests or skills.

Eligibility for Membership

Any person who is a United States citizen, has not been convicted of a felony, and is 14 years or older, is eligible for membership.

Member Requirements

All SAR members must obtain and keep valid First Aid and CPR cards. Throughout the year there are regular training sessions on these and other diverse subjects such as tracking, map and compass, rappelling, and swift-water rescue. In early June each year there is also a two-day search and rescue training session for all members. There are no dues or fees to be a MendoSAR member. All members are covered by insurance when called out on SAR operations. You provide your time, your effort, and your skills to save lives, and we consider this "Priceless"!

Apart from attending meetings and training sessions, all members may be called upon to participate in a search, the most common call-out for members. Searches are often done in rugged terrain at all hours of day or night, and any weather. Although you may belong to a particular group -- horse, four-wheel, air, or dive -- you can expect to be called upon to conduct a search on foot if necessary.

Right Stuff

Being a member of SAR demands a certain amount of your time, and can be rigorous, but also rewarding. Please consider carefully if you are prepared to commit yourself to all of these requirements before seeking to join. The strength of SAR comes from it's members, and having the "Right Stuff" when, and where it's needed.

Of course there are also plenty of support and administrative things to do behind the scenes, so if you are less inclined to climb a rope or a mountain, we can find a task for you to do too!

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