Mendocino County Sheriff's Office

Search and Rescue

SAR Teams

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Some of the specialized skill areas in the various SAR teams are listed below.

Special Forces (Ground Searching)

  • Type 1 Searcher (Very Rough/Technical Terrain)
  • Type 2 Searcher (Rough/Uneven Terrain)
  • Type 3 Searcher (Flat, Easy Terrain)
  • Man-Tracker Certified
  • Track Aware
  • Orienteering (Land Navigation by Map & Compass)
  • GPS (Land Navigation using GPS)
Special Forces
Ground Searchers

Technical Rescue

  • Winter Conditions Search & Survival
  • Rope Rescue
  • Rock Climbing and/or Rappelling
  • Swift Water Rescue
Rescue Unit


  • K-9 Handler
    • Area Dog Specialty (air scent)
    • Trailing Dog Specialty
    • HRD (Human Remains Detection) Specialty (cadaver dog)
  • K-9 Flanker or Assistant
K-9 Unit

Off-Highway Vehicle Searching

  • ATV Operator
  • UTV Operator
  • 4x4 Truck/Jeep Off-Road Operator
Off-Road Unit
ATVs Disembarking Chinook

Dive — Search & Recovery

  • SCUBA Certification
  • Black Water Diver
  • Dive Tender

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron

  • UAV Remote Pilot
  • Visual Observer
Arial Unit


  • HAM Radio Operator
  • Information Technology
Communications Unit

Safety — Training

  • CPR/First-Aid Instructor
  • ATV, CCW, etc.
Safety Training


  • Search Management
  • Mission Logistics
  • Fund Raising
  • Webpage Maintenance
Command Unit